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i took some pictures of most of the projects going on in Weyburn and some random photos, but can't figure out how to post em. do i have to register with or some other photo storing site, or is there another way i can do it without registering somewheres.

A friend and i were talking about what kind of businesses were going to be going into the new land they are leveling out right now, they wouldn't be leveling that much land if there was nobody going in there( i'd say the land they are leveling is about 1km long by 1/2 to 3/4 km wide). i had no idea what will be going there, but my friend said saskpower is building a new building in there and a new substation. To make this new saskpower building a little more true, i overheard my boss talking to somebody from saskpower in his office and my boss asked if saskpower had to pay for any of the excavating and leveling the land and what not. thats all i heard from that.
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