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In search of Hamilton’s #CityDish

Chicago has deep-dish pizza. Dover has sole. Montreal has smoked meat. Cheshire has its cheese.

But is there a food — or drink — that is truly and uniquely Hamilton?

From Roma Pizza to Beach Road kielbasa to a Tim Hortons double-double, there are many foods that have captured the hearts (and stomachs) of Hamiltonians. Now, we're asking readers to help us choose which dish best represents our unique flavour.

To nominate your favourite Hamilton-centric foods, get in touch with Emma Reilly at or call 905-526-2452. You can also use the hashtag #CityDish to send us your suggestions on social media.

It can be a food that's made in Hamilton, only available here, or something that originated in the Hammer. Early nominations include Hutch's fish and chips, Karma Candy's candy canes, Denniger's' sausage, and La Luna's shish tawook sandwich.

We'll compile a list and ask readers to pick a favourite, with the aim of finding the one #CityDish that's truly Hamilton's own.
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