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Wauwatosa's boom seems poised to be long lasting. 1,000 apartments are planned at The District alone (the first 250 of which have started). Tosa has a lot going for it from being the geographic center of the metro area to being the 2nd largest (and quickly growing) population center outside of downtown Milwaukee. Restaurants that rival downtown Milwaukee, nightlife, shopping, great schools, and hell, Miller Park is just outside of the Wauwatosa city limits. It's too bad Tosa is pushing back at that planned 21-story tower. I'd love to see Tosa's mini skyline continue to grow over by the Research Park/Innovation Park/Medical Complex area.
I find it odd that I posted this a few days ago. I received this in the mail today regarding expansion plans. This tower, which was initially rejected by the city due to NIMBYs, was first introduced at 21 stories. I now count 17 floors on this new rendering. Maybe they found a height compromise but this certainly seems like they are ready to move forward with what would be the tallest building in Wauwatosa. This could be exciting. Right across the freeway will be another vertical expansion of an already (newly constructed) existing building. Tosa is starting to get some height.
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