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I was craving banh mi the other day (my day off) and saw this article in the Toronto Star:

Where to eat in Hamilton
Pokeh owner Salar Madadi gives a tour of his favourite new and old spots for quick eats in and around Hamilton

The Niagara Region is a bit of a banh mi food desert. Pho-sure, but banh mi is tough to find.
So I made a spur of the moment lunch road trip with my cousin to try out Chao. It's located on Barton just east of James St.

They make their own baguettes (def. quality bread) and use fresh ingredients. For the summer they no longer serve Ramen but *now* have 5 choices of banh mi (1 pulled chicken, 1 bbq chicken, 1 meatball, 1 coldcut (saigonese) and 1 veggie option). On the day we went they only had the pulled chicken, meatball, and Saigonese-cold cut option so we got one of each.
Would recommend!

It was extremely hot in the restaurant so we took our subs to go and I drove to Bayfront park to enjoy them at a picnic table with a nice view.
Then to cap off our trip I drove to Grandad's to get the tasty donuts like how I remember them tasting as a child in the 80s. We split 4 of the half dozen on the drive back to St. Kitts
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