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Originally Posted by natiboy View Post
Well said! I'm still counting down the days until Ohio gets a new Governor, and we can get back to planning the Cincinnati/Dayton/Columbus/Cleveland inter-city rail... Rail from Cincinnati to Chicago via Indy would be amazing too.

I don't think I mentioned it, but Cincinnati and Hamilton county are apparently still planning a commuter rail line from downtown out to the eastern suburbs. The plan is controversial among area rail transit supporters, because there is a better route (an abandoned freight rail line) that could be used instead of the one that is being planned.

Here is a good article on the subject:
Cool! St. Louis got its start with light rail by running it in abandoned rail R.O.W. With the 2nd line we got elevated and more subway segments. Why are they planning commuter rail? They should just use the abandoned freight line and start a light rail system like St. Louis. St. Louis and Cincinnati are very comparable. Light rail has been a big success in St. Louis, no reason Cincy couldn't do the same.
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