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Originally Posted by goat314 View Post
Cool! St. Louis got its start with light rail by running it in abandoned rail R.O.W. With the 2nd line we got elevated and more subway segments. Why are they planning commuter rail? They should just use the abandoned freight line and start a light rail system like St. Louis. St. Louis and Cincinnati are very comparable. Light rail has been a big success in St. Louis, no reason Cincy couldn't do the same.
The commuter rail is the county commisioner's pet project. It's a really stupid plan. The tracks run right along the river in the flood plane, so there isn't much developable land or enough population to support the line along the route.

Running light rail along the Wasson corridor through the East side would serve some of Cincinnati's most dense/popular neighborhoods along with Xavier University, so that would be a much better option. But now, there is a plan to turn that corridor into a bike path, and rail bank the tracks for future rail use. I am afraid though, that if the trail is built and is there for a while, people won't want to give it up when we want to build rail.
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