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Originally Posted by LeftCoaster View Post
There is actually more or less no extra capacity S17 vs S16 on YVR-Europe.

European carriers were flat and AC cancelled their second daily YVR-LHR but instituted YVR-FRA and YVR-LGW. Net change in seats was 826 at its peak.
Yeah.... no concern about YVR-Europe. Next summer there will be a "moderate" increase to Europe.

And I still think, based on YVR's geographic location and population base YVR is VERY well covered!

I still find it amusing that some people still complain about YVR's global reach being inadequate.... or if a new service is added at a neighbouring airport a doom and gloom outlook is painted. There are STILL more additions to come folks so don't fret.... might not be the flood of new services we've been enjoying lately but there will still be more!

YVR still the #2 point of entry for Canada. Not bad for a city of 2.5 million far flung out on the West Coast!
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