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Originally Posted by DrNest View Post
That's an interesting article on connectivity. I was intrigued, but not totally surprised, to see that Vancouver has more weekly flights to China than any other airport in North America and Europe.
.... and the list grows... 7 mainland Chinese airlines and 11 total Chinese airline when including HK and Taiwan. This will be YVR's 24th overseas carrier... other than YYZ of course, no other Canadian airport comes close to this number. Crazy for such a tiny city.

Originally Posted by LeftCoaster View Post
Original scoop goes to max but nname with the link:

Hainan airlines adding a Shenzhen --> Tianjin --> Vancouver route beginning in March 2018.

Hainan had applied for and received Tianjin - Vancouver over a year ago but never announced a start date so finally some clarity on what they are doing here.

These are the final two frequencies allotted to Chinese airlines in the current bilateral, so unless something gets changed that's it for new frequencies from China. Capacity can still be added by increasing the size of the planes but a lot of the routes are already flown by pretty large aircraft so there's not a ton of room for growth. Hopefully the two governments get together and add some more capacity for the years to come. Still a lot of unused capacity on the Canadian side, however western airlines have had difficulty breaking into the secondary city market in China so AC/WJ would have their work cut out for them.
Yes... perhaps that's why AC is staying away from the secondary cities.
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