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Originally Posted by LeftCoaster View Post
Hopefully the two governments get together and add some more capacity for the years to come.
Hopefully not. Canada doesn't need more Chinese carriers flooding YVR with trash yields, or more Chinese, for that matter.

It's not normal that a Vancouverite cannot purchase a house in his own city because some Chinese with a suitcase full of cash is buying up everything he can. Same for Toronto.

The cap on flights won't stop this of course, but it will help limit it. It will also help increase the yields across the Pacific, as demand will catch up or surpass supply.

Originally Posted by Johnny Aussie View Post
.... and the list grows... 7 mainland Chinese airlines and 11 total Chinese airline when including HK and Taiwan. This will be YVR's 24th overseas carrier... other than YYZ of course, no other Canadian airport comes close to this number. Crazy for such a tiny city.
not as crazy as a certain airport in Quintana Roo with close to 20 overseas carriers and a sub 1 million population. You of all people should know.....
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