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One of those projects is the Missouri Hotel, which is currently being renovated by Titus Williams, owner and chief operating officer of Burning Tree Consulting LLC. Williams already had his eye on Commercial Street when he learned the Missouri Hotel was becoming available for purchase. The Kitchen Inc., a local nonprofit organization, ran a homeless shelter out of the building until 2014 when it put the building on the market and shifted its focus to providing permanent housing.

Williams originally planned to redevelop the Missouri Hotel with partner Matt Max Miller, and they purchased the property together. However, after a family medical crisis caused Miller to step away from the project, Williams made plans to buy out Miller’s portion of the building. Along with the Missouri Hotel, Williams is also redeveloping 12 other buildings nearby—with possibly more to come. Williams is still in the process of acquiring property for redevelopment. Depending on how many properties he is able to acquire, the project could range from $20 million to $50 million. Williams plans to create a destination center where people come for an experience. The project is anchored by a boutique hotel with connected multifamily housing, in which residents could take advantage of the hotel’s amenities, such as room service and dry cleaning. Also planned are artisanal shops and other unique retail options, office space and a distillery. Williams sees C-Street evolving into a travel destination where people would come and spend a weekend exploring the district, and he hopes the Missouri Hotel project will push that evolution along.
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