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Silemaniya city page 8

Catie & Linds


mark jutton


skeleton of some building u/c

some art work on salm street

Kaso Mall

Abu sana hotel

Bowling center

Some Petrol Stations

Some Restaurant

Noah ship cafe

Reihn Mall

German Villages

This project is comprised of 380 resident unit, where 60 units are villas and 320 are flats.

The total project is built on the surface ( 22) Dunim which are 55000 square meters and implemented with the budget of 40 million Dollars.

Works on this project started from 11-11- 2007and finished the building of all villas and on 01- 06- 2008 the whole flats finished on 01- 04- 2009.

This project is built and located on Maleek Mahmoud circle road, which an attention-grabbing and green area in the foots of Goizha mountain in Sulaimania city.


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