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Originally Posted by bobbyv View Post
Here you go:

BTW I was one of the ones who was against tearing down these gems and I still am.
Yeah those are it. Thanks for the link. so the plans were for a 12 story tower with underground parking ????? I thought it was just a 7story. I'm even more supportive for this project now.

I mean, I understand what everyone is saying. They are (loosely) part of LAs history, but if they cant be moved, they need to be let go. I think some people on here use the term "Victorian" a bit loosely.

Here's an AWESOME slide presentation article of "Americas most spectacular buildings ever torn down" that made the front page of today. Surprisingly LA only makes the list once at slide number 13

^^^ If people want to see what ACTUAL Victorians look like, take a look at this slide and compare those lost to the ones that some of us or oddly salivating over here in LA. . Shouldn't even be considered in the same league.

Move it or lose it.
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