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Winnipeg | Gas Station Arts Centre | 9F

Proposed 9 Storey - (85 unit} Residential / Theatre and Retail Complex.

Located at 445 River Ave and Osborne St. in the heart of the Osborne Village area.

Proposal Details:

• A new 300 seat theatre for the Gas Station Arts Centre
• Approximately 5,000 sq ft of retail space at grade fronting Osborne Street
• An extension of the plaza in front of Villa Cabrini
• A four storey cantilever over the sidewalk on Osborne Street to accommodate a crush space for the gas station theatre
• Approximately 60% of the units will be co-op housing units
• Upper stories of the building will be setback on River Avenue, Osborne Street, and the back lane, creating space for townhouses with terraces on the north and south sides
• A proposed urban greenhouse and artist studio on the roof

- Underground parkade
- Tentative plans are to start the project this summer, ( 2015) and be completed by late 2016.
- Three levels of government to help with the $10 million needed to demolish and construct the retail/theatre portion of the project.
- $ 20 million to construct the 85 unit residential portion of the project and construct the undeground parkade.
- Est. Total Cost: $ 30 million.
  • Development Consultant: Lakeview Realty of Canada
  • Cohlmeyer Architecture Limited

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