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It makes me very excited to see so many quality developments going on in St. Louis.

A couple of questions:

1) Is the Highlands development the one off Highway 40 near the Science Center? I believe I saw that going up last time I was there (late January). The location struck me as a very poor place to put up "loft style living" because it seemed very isolated from anything resembling an urban environment.

2) What is the latest on the SLU arena? I inquired when I was back in January (I am a SLU grad) and I was told that there was a snag in the financing and that they still have not broken ground on this. When the plans were announced, I got a mailing from the school (asking for money) with the dog and pony show about the arena. It looked awesome inside and out. Exactly what is needed in SLU and in midtown. SLU is the key to revitalizing midtown...I would assume the city and the school could work together to make sure whatever needs to get done gets done. So WTF is the holdup, and is this project in danger of not getting off the ground?
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