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thanks a ton Citylover! It's always nice to step back and see an overview of all the development activity happening, I can't help but think that St. Louis City will have a different vibe (for the better) in 5 years once these projects are up and running.

I agree it's a shame about the Highland's design, but that project has been in the development tubes for a couple of years (thus the complete cluelessness in urban design). The location itself is pretty good, the site plan is a different story. I can't help but wonder what could have been if the old arena had been saved for some other purpose (that's what this site used to house).


I have a question, for all the stuff happening on Wash U's Medical Campus, are they tearing buildings down for the new development? If so any pics of what's being torn down? (some of the buildings i could care less about, but others look really nice, even as part of the Wash U Med Borg).
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