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Originally Posted by paul78701 View Post
It will be pretty cool one day when one can stand on the Congress Ave bridge, look left...look right, and see pretty much contiguous skyline from the Lamar bridge all the way to the I-35 bridge.
I want the skyline to extend even further, frankly, all the way to MoPac, with a sort-of Portland-esque South Waterfront in both our Southshore District and higher level urbanity (I.E. 10-15 stories, so smaller skyline, but skyline nonetheless) when the Brackenridge tract eventually redevelops, and I want the skyline to extend further east, with significantly higher floor counts, in the 6th street urban corridor. Furthermore, I want higher floor counts in west campus (true towers, perhaps with more diversity of uses to disperse commuter patterns in the core lessening the disparity in regional/location infrastructure burdens, would be nice) and higher floor counts in the capital complex as well.
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