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Originally Posted by AusTxDevelopment View Post
I don't think Block 185 is where Facebook is going. I posted on the Austin Proper thread that there is a very strong rumor that Cielo Property is redeveloping the Austin Music Hall site into a 250,000 square foot office building (see thread: ). The massing for this rumored building even shows up in the Proper rendering that's posted on RECA's website, as mentioned and posted in the Proper thread. From the below site plan, Austin Music Hall is north of Proper, and Block 185 is south of Proper. I think the building that Syndic's friend was talking about is Cielo's redevelopment, not Block 185.
If thats the case then either Syndic's friend or the architect went way overboard when saying supertall. I would doubt it being more than 20 floors if that if it's only 250,000 sq feet.

But then again the way some people around here think anything over 10 floors is a super tall LMAO.
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