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Originally Posted by Philbilly View Post
So the city of moncton got back to me concerning the seat at the event center

“Mr. Collette, we apologize for the delay as we needed to verify our information with the contractor of the facility. The Centre will have cup holders on all club seats; however, the regular seats will not have them. We can assure you that the seats are comfortable. City Council made the decision (and approved the added investment) to increase the width of the seats to improve the spectator experience. The seats included in the Events Centre are all wider and more comfortable than those at the Coliseum. Should you be interested, the facility has 850 club seats (theatre style padded seats) located at center ice. We are very confident that you will be more than pleased with the seats in this state-of-the-art facility. “
I can't believe this! This city spends $110 million on a downtown centre and can't afford cup holders for around 8,000 seats??? Unbelievable! All the seats should have some sort of padding AND cupholders, not just the 850 elite few that will be able to afford "club seating". This is going to turn off a LOT of people!
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