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Originally Posted by Joshy View Post
Calm down, caltrane. You of all people should know the difference between highway and freeway. Of course there are highways in Winnipeg; there are highways in every province in this country. But freeways, I mean a true freeway in the sense? No.
An extensive freeway network was planned in the 1960s but little of it was built: just the fragment now called the Disraeli as well as (much later) some sections of what was supposed to be called the Suburban Beltway, which became Bishop Grandin Boulevard and Kenaston Boulevard as well as Chief Peguis Trail, none of which are grade-separated. The Perimeter Highway was probably the most notable multilane city bypass route built in the 60s in Canada, however, and is sort of half a freeway in spots, although falling short of Ontario or U.S. standards.

There is simply no need for freeways in Winnipeg. Traffic moves well around the city and the radial pattern, with some very broad arterial roads, feeds traffic into the core much more efficiently than Toronto's grid can.
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