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Projects & Construction:
I want to thank the photographers and local businesses, sharing updates on projects, who make this thread possible. Without you, these weekly updates won't happen. If you would like to see your project on this thread, just post photographs to social media.

Link Apartments Innovation Quarter:

Credit: Susan Smith

757 North Apartments:

A dated update, with the apartment building on the bottom of the photograph:

Credit: santiagospacheco

Convention Center Renovation:
As discussed earlier, this project won't be completed next week. Completion was pushed-back to May 21. Furniture and fixtures will arrive in June and July.

One of the convention groups visited for a construction update, last week:

Credit: christmas4city

Novant Clemmons Medical Center - New Jobs:
This hospital is adding 100 new full-time jobs right now! They are jobs in emergency and operating rooms, emergency room administration, post-anesthesia care unit, and clinical nursing. If you're looking for a medical job, contact Novant Health.

500 West Fifth Street:

The new owners inspect the current condition of the interior:

Credit: oxenfree_

Long Creek Park:
The City of Winston-Salem is working with The Conservation Fund to acquire a 164 acre tract of land for a new park. The Conservation Fund will seek grants and transfer the land to the city at no cost. The City will hire a consultant to help plan the park.

Lost History:
The vintage neon Kopper Kitchen sign was replaced with an ad for the brewery in the building. It is sad to lose this piece of Winston-Salem history. I thought the building owner agreed to leave the old neon sign as it was? Does anyone know if it was the last decades-old neon sign remaining?

Original vintage neon sign:

Credit: Winston-Salem Time Traveler

New replacement sign:

Credit: rosiehairninja

1794 Boy's School Restoration:

Credit: OldSalemInc

Welden Village:
Arden Group is planning a "traditional" neighborhood development, centered around short walks. It will be an integrated walkable community with well-connected streets where residents can make short walks to parks, open spaces, civic amenities, and retail. The village will have features such as front porches and wide sidewalks to encourage interaction. Expect to see 200 town homes and 500 apartment units, with a 30 acre commercial village. 30 percent of the 385 acres will be open space and will include include 12 miles of bike & walking trails. Welden Park Apartments, a 306-unit complex adjacent to the village center, will be the next building in the development, breaking ground in Summer 2017. The General Contractor for the apartment building will be Parr Construction.

Credit: Arden Group

Bailey Business Center - Building 23-2: (Bailey Power Plant Complex)

Credit: innovationquarter

Credit: innovationquarter

Credit: t_sparks97

Credit: foreveristomorrow

You know you want more of what the Whiting-Turner truck is serving at Food Truck Fridays:

Credit: Susan Smith

Credit: jamie_oswald

Credit: joseph.hamby

Central on 5th:

The glass wall is now completed:

Credit: anndavisrowe

Credit: libbyskinner

Credit: lit_4_lifee

Shah Basketball Complex:
This project is now under construction and will appear on our first page construction list. Completion is scheduled for Fall 2018.

Credit: wfudeaconclub

Twin City Lofts Condominiums:
It appears as if GEMCAP will renovate the ground floor and the renovation looks nice! We can also see where the "TWIN CITY" letters will be installed, on the corner column. STITCH Design Shop is the architect for the retail space renovation. The ground floor renovation is something I've wanted to see since the project was announced! If you would like to rent one of the three retail/restaurant spaces, call (336) 724-1715.

Credit: Linville | Team

Credit: leonardrydenburrrealestate

Bookmarks Headquarters & Downtown Bookstore:
The coffee shop in the bookstore will be called Foothills Café.

They found issues with the roof that need to be addressed:

Credit: glennfulk

Wise Man Brewing Expansion:
Did you know: Wise Man Brewing has Winston-Salem's very own UpDog Kombucha on tap. They currently have plans to provide a wall space for local artists. Harvey Williams said “We want to join the downtown arts scene because we’re right on the edge of it, so we’re a perfect place for local artists to showcase their work.” It's more than just a bar. Olivia Blute said “My friends went last weekend and sat outside and played games while they had their beers. It seemed different - not like every other bar. It has games and activities you can do, so it isn’t just about drinking.” This place appears to be packed every day! They are doing everything right. They recently installed two new fermenters and are increasing weekly production to keep up with high demand.

Credit: camelcitynightlife

Kaleideum Science Museum:
Kaleideum now has a maker space for kids.

AFAS Center for the Arts:
AFAS is already moving into the building. Completion is set for next week.

Our first look at the back side of this building (left side):

Credit: x1communications

Credit: amandagatesrealtor

Credit: paintmonsters

Credit: Frank L. Blum Construction

Credit: stitchdesignshop

Credit: Frank L. Blum Construction

The view:

Credit: stitchdesignshop

Gallery Lofts II:
The second phase of this project will have 50 apartments. A big increase from the originally proposed 35 units.

Did work start on this 11-storey downtown mixed-use project? Wow!

Demolition has started:

Credit: cgcmk3

Rendering of 11-storey MINIM condominium & office proposal:

Credit: DWSP

Wake Forest University Soccer Renovations:
Wake Forest University Athletics has raised over $200 million. Very impressive!

Credit: wfudeaconclub

West End Station:
Demolition has started on this project. Demolition should take two months to complete and construction will begin as soon as possible (Late June 2017). Harold K. Jordan is the General Contractor. The 229 apartment unit project will have three elevators from the 121 car parking garage under the building. It will also have two elevated courtyards with gas grills, outdoor TVs, and lounge seating. Look for stainless steel appliances with French doors, bottom loading freezers, and quartz countertops in both the kitchen and bathrooms.

Originally Posted by CamCityFan @ WSTB Forum
Hotel Indigo:

Credit: kburn705

Alternative Transportation:

Rails-to-Trails Bicycle Commuter Highway: (Winston-Salem's High Line)

Credit: girardthatsfrench

Credit: glenn511365


Diversity Mural Restoration:
"La Luz de Diversidad" was painted in 1999 and is a design from Marianne DiNapoli-Mylet. Yes, it's 18 years old. It's great to see it restored!

Credit: winston_360

Random Photographs:

Credit: mesmerizer_records

The road is elevated above the sidewalk due to the Victorian streetcar system:

Credit: oldsaleminc

Credit: jphorton

Credit: fletchmoneygrip

Credit: keyyz__

This is on West 9th Street:

Credit: fletchmoneygrip
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