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Originally Posted by jeffwhit
The Juno nominations are determined by sales, not by atistic merit, that is why the same shitty shit keeps coming up again and again, and 4 Canadian idol whores were nominated.
That sounds so ummmm Canadian?... Lets not create a controversy so nominations are based on a measurable statistics.

There were only two bands on the entire list of winners that I have any interest in and one of those hasn't put out a CD that I have enjoyed for about 15 years.

And seriously, Pamala Anderson?? Who's brilliant idea was that. I heard a sound clip on the radio about her saying how great it is that bands like coldplay and BEP's are Canadian.

I would have loved to have been in the boardroom when that call was made.
guy one:"It looks like some guy who's CD's will only be found in a 50 year olds collection could sweep this thing, how do we get youth to watch?"
guy two: "that Baywatch chick is from Vancouver right?"

I'll take some teeny bopper show with Gwen Stefanie and Beyonce over that shit any day of the week.
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