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Originally Posted by LAMetroGuy
As for the Hollywood & Orange building... I kinda like the dramatic affect this building would add to Hollywood.

I think the design is kind of aggressive for that particular site, next to Grauman's. However, my biggest worry is that the combination of the bldg's look, which may make too many ppl go HUH??!!, & the ability of the hood to support X amt of new retailing could result in H&O becoming a future trouble point on the street. IOW, it could become like one of those mini malls or shopping ctrs in the burbs that are always struggling to survive & attract shoppers. Regardless, I wish the owner would hurry up & get rid of one of the deadzone parking lots on the blvd, which has no business still being there yrs & yrs & yrs after the devlpt of Graumans theater.
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