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Originally Posted by BVictor1
The only problem with having retail there is parking. did they mention anything about the number of parking spaces for the residential portion of the building? I mean who the hell wants to walk all the way over from Soldier Field or McCormick Place parings lots? For anytype of retail, there needs to be parking for the people who use it, because we know not everyone uses public transportation.
there will be parking in the building, but numbers either weren't mentioned or i forgot to take notes it. i don't think that retail/restaurant space neccessarily needs to get its business from soldier field or mccormick place, the thousands and thousands of new city residents that will call central station home would be the bulk of the patrons.

also, looking over my notes once again, there was one more interesting point made by that park district representative that i don't think either I or marvel has mentioned yet. the park district is currently developing all types of plans for the south west corner of grant park down by the central station development, and one of the plans that is in the very serious planning stages right now is to bring a large public art work(s) to that section of the park to help balance the drawing power of the whole park with that of millennium park on the north end. i thought that sounded pretty exciting.
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