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Originally Posted by BVictor1
The only problem with having retail there is parking. did they mention anything about the number of parking spaces for the residential portion of the building? I mean who the hell wants to walk all the way over from Soldier Field or McCormick Place parings lots? For anytype of retail, there needs to be parking for the people who use it, because we know not everyone uses public transportation.
BVictor, I think the vast majority of patrons to this retail will be the actual residents of the district, who will surely walk there. I am not sure how important parking will be. Besides, like Steely said, a lot of these buildings will have pay garages, as well as street parking. I don't think more parking should be provided anyhow, as it will only create a downward spiral (ie North/Clybourn district)--and FREE parking should definitely be a no no.

Either way, Steely--I don't understand the economics of not having ground-level retail in these buildings. Even if the market is not there yet, how can it hurt a developer not to reserve these spaces for future commercial use? It only makes sense that they will stand to make more money by renting these spaces out as opposed to just doing nothing with them. I wonder what these developers are thinking..
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