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i don't think i've ever even visited a city with worse public art that sf. i remember curbed did a "what's the worst public art in sf?" and it was practically a 12-way tie. this one would be a close 13th, just a terrible counterpoint to something so light and forward-looking. why not have an organic counterpoint, or something vivacious and expressive? why something like out of a child's cereal box or a 1990s video game?

i do like the redwoods though, ideally, i'd see some sort of crimson red totemic type thing, maybe a soft, even gently twisting, triangle rising from within the redwood grove, with seating below. in that vision, the redwoods would be very tightly spaced, with an earth floor and some low iron gating surrounding, like entering a glen. not sure how much time people spend at the transamerica redwood glen, but in the morning, with the dew or fog hanging out there, it's transporting.
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