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Just a quick note Westfield no longer owns the Carlsbad property. They sold it a year and a half ago to New York based Rouse Properties. I am quite familiar with the parcel because I grew up in Encinitas and went to that mall a lot in 80's to mid 90's and still have grandparents who live in Carlsbad Village. It is HUUGE piece of land and perfect for mixing in residential but I have heard no plans for that which is insane to me. It could be because it borders "protected wetlands" and it would be a huge hastle to get anything approved.

As far as I know the mall really died out post 9/11 and is starting to make a comeback. Westfield had BIG plans for it before Caruso proposed his Strawberry Fields sick mall off Cannon road. I just met up with a girl at the Outlet mall next to Carlsbad Auto Park and frankly it is substantial so I'm not sure if the Carlsbad mall can ever be super successful seeing that is is so close to the outlet shops.

Anyway my 2 cents. I do believe the Caruso project would have been a homerun because all the LA and Orange County people sitting in traffic on that part of I-5 which is always congested would go oh wow that's the same guy who did the grove and go shope there lol.
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