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Originally Posted by Dac150 View Post
Great shots … practically a city within … and there still so much more to come.
Its the skyscraper city. The gold standard. Its also why the Marvel superheroes chose to build their HQ here.

I still think Steinway, when finished, should be used in a Marvel films (in the future). Its the perfect villain lair, especially the top unit (next to the crown). Just picture a stormy, dark scene. Lighting in the distance. The sound of rain hitting the ground, as the camera pans towards the top unit, zooming in, all the while some ominous sound track from Hans Zimmer is playing the background. As you get closer to the crown, a loud, roar of thunder can be heard. The camera than shows a scene with Gale Brewer, scribbling some diabolical down-zoning plan for the UES.
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