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The purpose here is not to discuss "preservationists" (which seems to be a wide-ranging, catch-all phrase which includes city staff, local neighborhood associations, and anyone who doesn't want any project to happen for any reason, and seems to also be interchangeable with "NIMBYs") but rather preservation-oriented projects.

While the Railyards has its own thread, there are plenty of smaller projects, like the recently-completed condos in the Mechanics Exchange building in Old Sacramento, Globe Mills, the "Suzie Burger" at 29th and P, the winery planned for the old antiques store on 21st and P, the Ice Blocks project at Crystal Ice, and so on. I think people here may have ideas about potential adaptive reuse sites, like the Kress Building, the D.O. Mills Bank, the Maydestone, the Bel-Vue, and other underutilized but historic and potentially useful structures.

innov8: What is this "Historic Preservation Society"? I'm not familiar with it.
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