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I read the post but I had not heard of Visnich or this "California Capitol Historic Preservation Society." It sounds like he didn't accomplish anything, for good or ill, from what I read in those articles and a little Google searching, other than get his name in the papers, and then it seems like they portrayed him as the lone crank standing in the way of progress. The last link you provided is an article by him, on the history of the Capitol itself, which is actually a decent article, although I'm not sure how much I agree with his decription of the eastern annex (which destroyed the original apse) as "neo-fascist."

The article does illustrate a point I mentioned earlier about buildings like the Old City Hall: Buildings do change and evolve over time, and part of the challenge of preservation and restoration is choosing a particular point of restoration. If one hopes for official recognition (historic building designation, etc.) or historic-preservation funding enhancements, then choosing a consistent period, and often backdating later changes, is even more important.
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