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Post #5: The world Trade Center were beautiful simple clean buildings, nothing wrong with their architecture, mainly cause was office very functional to be used for their time, the 70ies years. Soulless is much more those horrible small skyline in front of them. Have they also be destroyed for a beautiful nature promenade near water with trees and so on, instead? That is a horrible architecture. It is because many of those buildings in New York, why i don't appreciate much the city.

Post #14: Actually both are impressive good. I rather like the old facade of clean concrete. I think the glass one made it lose to be what is most today of midrises everywhere. Its character was gone.

Post #21 & #22: Both are very beautiful simple and functional office buildings of the old decades. I see nothing wrong with them. I am surely in United States has many more horrible decandent things to be compared as soulless, dirty, with all grafitti like it has in whole North and South America and even European cities. Those in other hand were nice kept interesting facades. I would like if the cities we live would have cleaned buildings like those, nothing wrong with them. And I agree all buildings shown in Post #23 are horrible, at least outside. I don't know inside whatever. The second photo of Post #22 shows an interesting very spread good neighborhood instead, it seems. I don't know in person. Better than what is found in whole Africa, which is already in medieval times and in Italy, France and East Europe.
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