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Elysium, I disagree. You make it sound like the architects were intending to do something bad, or didn't care. Where I believe the architects were trying to do the best they could, under circumstances and demand of a "program" that probably would have been overwhelming to just about any architect, no matter how vaunted. After all, look at the Pan Am building. The developers thought they would have a winner- Get two of the most prominent modernist architects working for them, with a local firm who specialized in efficiency and economy of design. Walter Gropius and Pietro Belluschi worked together with Emery Roth and sons to design the Pan Am Building. The two "starchitects" would determine the building's looks, while the Roth firm made the insides functional and efficient.
We all know what the critics said of the Pan Am building, despite the pedigree of the architects who designed its face.
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