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Ah the old stomping grounds. I have some fond memories but glad I am gone... Nice pics!

It's a beautiful place and has all of the makings of a hip urban city just never quite makes it. The mentality keeps holding it back and the brain drain hits it hard.

Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
From the capitol, State Street runs straight down to the river.

This is a fairly recent change, there used to be parking islands with large trees on them and the cars would face them vs the curbs as they do now and you couldn't see the river from the steps. They wanted it to go back to the original way so a lot of work was done and this is what is there now. Fun fact: when it was the parking islands/trees the politicians would drive around late at night cruising for the male prostitutes and what not that would hang out there (there's a very popular gay bar right by there and the entrance is accessed via an alley right off of State).

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Nice quickie. I agree that Harrisburg has very good bones... and it has pretty natural surroundings. It seems like it should be a vibrant place with the state govt there, but it's always pretty dead it seems.
This is very true and outside of a few pockets it is overall consistently dead. Many reasons for this: small DT and not much there in comparison to the bordering municipalities, DT is not a huge employment center, the last few administrations have been business unfriendly, making the situation worse, etc.

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Nice pictures! I always drive around Harrisburg, but rarely venture into the city. There's some nice neighborhoods. And Troeg's is there, too.
Not anymore, they have moved to Hershey.
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