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Originally Posted by mville1 View Post
Nice mini tour! I generally agree with Eastsidehbg that apart from shared commuters and media markets Lancaster, Harrisburg and York do not cooperate with one another on many issues such as transportation, planning, and even tourism promotion. Unfortunately, the mindset is still fragmented and provincial among the politically empowered classes in the lower Susquehanna Valley.
Yeah I was really sad when this had gotten derailed [pun intended] and it would have done a lot to bring the metros together. If South Central PA could get its act together it could be a quasi-DMV or an LA of sorts.

Eastsidehbg, it's funny you mentioned how progressive Lancaster is compared to Harrisburg. I used to work at the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia and many of my coworkers from York would remark on how much more advanced Lancaster was compared to York. I thought that was humorous because I never really perceived a large gap between the two, but the more I reflected on their comments, the more I realized there was a grain of truth to their observations.
It really is something else to think that a place known for its Amish community is more progressive than the state capital and York (although York had also taken some solid steps to making its DT better and I was there years ago for a wedding and was impressed with its progress...not sure what it is like now, though, as almost 5 years now that I think about it can be a long time...). I think having the younger college crowds in York and Lancaster has helped move it forward, whereas Harrisburg really doesn't have any of that (again, oddly enough for being the state capital).

PA is really a strange place...
Right before your eyes you're victimized, guys, that's the world of today, and it ain't civilized...
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