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Yeah, this can't end well. When you're a marginalized group, you can't fight all your battles in one day. When I point this out to SJW types, they say I'm saying this from some position of "privilege" and to butt out, but I'm really trying to be helpful in what I think is a pragmatic approach.

When you're a minority and you're at the very bottom, stick to the battles where the division between "right" (i.e. you) and "wrong" (i.e. the rest of us) is crystal clear. Choose fights where the ~1/3 of the people in the more powerful majority who are sympathetic to your cause can explain to their less sympathetic friends and family in a sound bite, or less, without having to explain your painful history in a convoluted way and resort to complexity. That way your support snowballs and it becomes easier to fight the next, slightly more complicated, fight.

It's not fair and it takes a lot of time, but that's how social change actually happens.
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