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Originally Posted by MonctonRad View Post
You really think so? Being a Progressive conservative, I belong to the mushy middle and it seems to me that the nutbars on the CTRL-left have completely hijacked the agenda, and that the SJW are pressing their current advantage (fed by anti-Trump hysteria) to the lunatic fringe.

Sir John A is the father of our country for cripes sake. He should be viewed with appropriate respect. We should acknowledge his warts (alcoholism etc), but appreciate him for what he was - a flawed man who accomplished great things. Against great odds he built Canada and bound it together with a massive railway project completed less than 20 years after confederation. Not many prime ministers have accomplished what he has done. By any measure he is one of our three greatest PM's.

As for the residential schools, he was just a man of his times. The thinking back then was that the best way to build the country was to assimilate the native people. Obviously this was not the best approach, but hindsight is always 20/20. People motives always have to be viewed in historical context and people thought differently 20 years ago, let alone 150 years ago.

The SJW's can go fuck themselves. I am fed up to here with them. They have gone way too far. The radical CTRL-Left is accomplishing nothing more than driving people like me (people who can see both sides of an issue) in the opposite direction. Is this really what they want? The SJW's should be building bridges to the people in the mushy middle, not lobbing hand grenades at us from the moral high ground. Of course, I forget that the SJW's have already decided that I'm an enemy because I don't agree with them a good portion of the time. Instead of trying to convincing me with reasoned arguments, it's far simpler to just label me as a misogynist and a racist and then discredit me. This is an excellent way to create enemies.

I despise Trump, but the SJW's are no better...........
I don't understand the rapport between your first question (you really think so?) and the rest of your post, which is along the same lines as the points I made.
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