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Model Manhattan

After doing some 11th hour shopping the day before Christmas, I found a great little gift for myself... a scaled down Manhattan! Of course it's not realistic... a great swath between Lower and Midtown has been eliminated while the island itself has been a bit shortened and simplified, but whatev. The buildings however are surprisingly detailed with many usually forgotten buildings included such as the Javits Federal Building, Transportation Building, Whitehall Building, Cityspire, AXA, 55 Water Street, Irving Trust, the old MetLife, etc..

The model is really a puzzle as you have to put together the "floor", then the second layer which is Manhattan Island itself, and then the buildings. The first part took a hell of a lot of time and patience... especially as I bought this more for the buildings, not to put together some puzzle. I'm still not too sure why the puzzle is marketed as "4D" though...

sorry about the lighting
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