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Originally Posted by pdxtex View Post
the operative word, visitors...not residents. do suburbanites go "downtown" to go shopping and socialize anymore? some do for sure but more and more options are starting to appear in their neighborhoods too. I think in successful cities, were seeing a common ascension. downtown and suburbs are thriving at the same time. we just need figure out how to connect them better.
I should have included residents as a key item. A downtown with 100,000 (or 200,000) residents in four square miles will probably be a good one, and one with 20,000 or even 40,000 residents in the same area generally won't be very vibrant.

By "visitors" I meant out-of-towners. All the top downtowns have bucketloads of them. The big shopping districts all have a lot of visitor spending. They keep restaurants busy outside the obvious times. They're often the majority of ticket sales at museums.
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