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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
There are rowhouses in New England, but, yeah, they're uncommon. Once you get past Westchester County, rowhouses are relatively rare. And when you see rowhouses, they're almost always interspersed with other housing typologies. Even the Bronx never built rowhouses like you see in Brooklyn or NJ or PA.

Here's a typical New England rowhouse neighborhood in Bridgeport, CT:!6m1!1e1

The Hudson River Valley is somewhat of an exception, though. There are plenty of rows in the river towns between NYC and Albany.
My understanding is New England turned away from building rowhouses much earlier than the Mid-Atlantic - like it was basically done by 1870, when the triple decker became popular. There used to be a lot more rowhouses in the urban cores, but most of the late 18th to mid 19th century urban area of New England was essentially eliminated due to urban renewal.

Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
I've been looking and have found a few in Manchester and Portsmouth, too.

Still, much more rare than I'd have assumed.
I'm pretty sure the structures in Manchester are not true rowhouses. They were built as multifamily tenements for mill workers in the mid 19th century.
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