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Several random and outside the box thoughts I have on this...

- I'd hate to move a convention center out of Manhattan since that is the center of the business community but if they can really get 4 of 8 billion needed from selling the property, it'd be hard not to give strong consideration to the idea.

- I'm not too sold on housing on the Javits lot. It seems to me like an old World Trade Center complex would be better. No, it would not have the nostalgia of downtown, but it could rejuvenate city moral, could be blocked off from the grid, and would fit in perfectly with Hudson Yards. Although, I haven't looked at what the current demand is for office space.

- The housing component of the Sunnyside plan should be something in the form of the old Lighthouse project. It did a great job putting all the pieces together.

- I'm not a fan of the NFL being in Jersey with two teams and none in NYC. I think we're getting close to the time when one of those teams can opt out (the Jets I would imagine). This would be the perfect opportunity to build a stadium in either Queens or Manhattan, esp Queens since it would have room to grow.

- I am 110% opposed to demolition of MSG so I hope whatever happens with the Javits lot should this decision be made happens quickly before anyone gets any wild ideas of moving MSG there.
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