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Thanks for your story about Virginia O'Brien Martin Pal.

I'm embarrassed to say, but I've been confusing Margaret O'Brien with Virginia O'Brien (even though Margaret was born in 1937, and Virginia in 1919)

Originally Posted by Martin Pal View Post

I noticed Virginia O'Brien's name on the Hollywood Canteen Chatter sheet as an upcoming guest! I don't remember why, but someone I know took me to a place downtown one weekend night, like around 1986. It was a place aging stars went to perform if they felt like it. (I can't remember where it was or what it was called.) But he wanted to go because Virginia O'Brien was performing! So we saw her and met her afterwards.

She asked what we did and my friend blurted out that I worked at M-G-M in the video department (not true, I was buyer for a small video store chain) and she wanted me to give her my number and ask me questions about availability at some point. I did, and she did call me several times and we also corresponded by mail about a few things. (She was honorary mayor of Wrightwood for awhile.)
Here's a remarkable photograph; Virginia is at far left.

Photoplay 1944

Here's Ms. O'Brien in 1984, around the time you saw her downtown M P.

Do you remember where you saw her downtown?

In the 80's she created a cabaret act, "Virginia O'Brien Salutes the Great MGM Musicals," which was recorded at the Masquer's Club in Hollywood.
She must have recorded this just before the Masquers Club was demolished in 1985.


It's been a long time since we've visited the Masquers Club on NLA.
As a reminder, here's what the club looked like. (former home of Antonio Moreno) [undated]

and in the 1970s (this image, and the next, are new to NLA)

Floyd B. Bariscale at

That's one heckuva flagpole.

Before and After

Replaced by this.

Don't miss this Masquers Club 1923 New Years Eve ad / featuring an almost nude girl in a chastity belt!!!!!

This 1923 New Years get-together would have been at the first Masquers Club, located at 6735 Yucca Street (below)

.....also long gone.


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