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Originally Posted by HossC View Post
We're back to an industrial site for today's Julius Shulman post. This is "Job 1701: John Kewell, Chase Brass and Copper Company Office and Warehouse (Los Angeles, Calif.),1954".

Here's a closer look.

I couldn't resist this view of the entrance and sign.

This shaded area can be seen on the left of the first image above.

There's only one shot showing the inside, and here it is.

All from Getty Research Institute

When I saw this set, I thought it could be somewhere near the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company Headquarters which we saw recently in post #34573. I also thought there was a good chance that the impressive entrance would have been modified or demolished. Luckily, I was only half right. The building is still standing at 6500 E Washington Boulevard, which is pretty close to the old Firestone site. The only things missing are the centaur logo and the vertical blinds on the windows.


The logo does still appear on the front wall of the building where the "City Sales" sign used to be. Like the windows, this area has lost its shading.


I wish Google Maps still offered the option of a 45 degree aerial view instead of forcing us to use the fuzzier, computer-generated Earth view to see scenes from an angle. I've also had the GSV screen get into a constant spin twice in the past week, and I'm often left with a low-level Earth view when I come out of GSV. Today, the rendering froze halway through, turning the City of Commerce into a beach resort .

Google Maps
Lol. Id say flooded. Must have been REALLY high tides that day!
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