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Hey thanks Hoss! You made the 1974 Mitch Epstein photograph that much more interesting.

I'm still really curious about the people, but I doubt we'll ever have an answer.
To me, they seem Eastern European for some reason. lol the woman falling off the teeter-tooter thingy.
the men sure have muscular legs....which made me think of an acrobatic troupe.

Here's another by Mr. Epstein, titled: Los Angeles II, California 1974.

I wonder if the x in the window has any significance?
(perhaps it's just masking tape holding the pane of glass together from a BB hole) -if I remember correctly, people used to do that.

as for clues; there's no street number, but there's a phone number. Could we decipher something from that?

(I just spotted a dog)




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