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aerials provided by HossC. 1972 & 2015 respectively


Originally Posted by HossC View Post

Note where Hot Dog on a Sticks is labeled.

Their red and white sign, which just says "Hot Dog Stick", can be seen behind the head of the man with the red headband in e_r's picture. It still looks the same today.
Yep, I see the sign now that you pointed it out Hoss.

detail / 1974

see the complete photo here:

I thought this was interesting.

"Hot Dog on a Stick, Then and Now"

"See how the seaside snack stop has changed since 1953"

"In 1946, Dave Barham bought a tiny concession stand across from the original Muscle Beach. An astute observer of beach culture, he saw the need for snacks that were ideal for strolling. Using his mother’s corn bread recipe, he created the batter-blanketed Hot Dog on a Stick, and the fried treat quickly became a hit. Barham expanded into county fairs and retail malls well before the advent of food courts. He died in 1991. The first site, shown here in 1953, was scheduled to be modernized but was spared when the demolition permit expired." now/#sthash.Kstzdw7t.dpuf

*If you've been wondering what's written above lemonade in the 1953 photo, it's Party Puffs, (the original name)

....and I'll leave you with this fun view.

Jonathan Nafarrete,


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