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Kind of exciting, although it doesn't really sound like a real café, so much as a snack bar with a few cats. Still, it's a neat concept to fill an empty storefront along Michigan Avenue with, and for a good cause.

Cat cafe for Kalamazoo moves closer to opening its doors with location near campuses
By Kathy Jennings, via Second Wave Media
May 04, 2017

K’zoo Cat Cafe will be a first for the city, but there are several others in Michigan and a growing number of cat cafes have been operating across the United States for about two years...

...Thompson [the owner] says that once the business gets up and running she expects to have about 10 cats at the cafe and, with time, may have as many as 20. The goal is that the cats will be adopted quickly as they will be getting more exposure than they currently do at the rescue. Ultimately, more cats will be able to be rescued if cats are adopted more quickly.

The cafe also won’t have fancy coffee drinks served by baristas. Patrons will pay a fee as they enter and select their snack and beverage. It will be self-serve, probably from a Keurig machine. And it will be open for limited hours, evenings and weekends, in the beginning. Thompson will be keeping her day job as a residence hall director for the department of student affairs at Western Michigan University while the business builds.
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