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Well spotted 'GuyfromtheBurgh' It did strike me a little strange that peds would keep having to crane their necks up to see when to cross. Anyway I shall put it on my list of things to update.

Over the weekend I started creating some buildings. The construction technique I'm employing is a little different from Sta Fee, which was simply extruded boxes with a facade texture applied. With this city I'm going for detail, which means the old style of modelling & texturing really dosen't cut it.

Basically I'm still using textures, but creating separate window, door and wall textures and applying them to a more detailed building with recessed windows, cornices etc. The window textures have a seperate reflection map, while the stone has basic bump settings. It takes substantially longer, but the result is a much more detailed building which can be rendered a close street level without any texture problems, a cause of frustration with Sta Fee.

First test building.

A highrise using the same textures as above.

I should gradually end up with a large texture library of windows, doors, stonework, brick etc, which can be chopped and changed between one another so randomising the facades and avoiding repetition.
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