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The Future Architecture Designs are Poetry for Human Living Tomorrow

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Future architecture designs are original perspective of the future living and sense of seeing things ahead. That means visionary look in what is coming on the roots of existing. The great architect Franc Lloyd Wright has this power of predicting harmonious designs and urban planning and his visions are not just beautiful pieces of architecture, but buildings that are in favor of people’s needs and desires.

Hypnotic Bridges – designed by NEXT Architects as a pedestrian footbridge over the Dragon King Harbour River in China.

Rotating Skyscrapers – imagined by Dynamic Architecture’s David Fisher for the next amazing architecture of Dubai.

Video Link

Invisible Architecture – this fiction design is by New York based firm stpmj and is planned to be build of wood and mirror film by the idea of creating blur perceptual boundary.

Sweaters for Skyscrapers – this is an idea for Burj Khalifa to be covered with sock-like cover that would be super- lightweight, reflective and semi-transparent material by the OP-EN. This way the tower will reflect as a massive mirror.

Wooden skyscrapers – as the tallest wooden building is planned to be built in Stockholm’s city center by the C.F. Moller.

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