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Here’s another HUGE one. The one qualifier I’ll put on this is that this is the only place I’ve heard this number. I’ve seen them say they expected to be able to get down to this number, but not that they’re there now. Start at the 3:00 mark to get right to it, but the whole clip is very informative, with the exception of the last bit where he speculates on the future of hydrogen, which is a prognostication I don’t share.

What this guy is saying is that his company can remove CO2 from industrial exhaust streams for $30/tonne, and it can be transported and sequestered for $10-$20/tonne, and add in a profit margin of $10/tonne and there is a basis for an industry that can CCS very large amounts of CO2 for $60 tonne. So worst case scenario, if we can’t find enough commercial uses for the CO2, a $60/tonne carbon tax is all we’d need to capture huge amounts of it and stick in it in the ground. As of today that is, and we’re still only 4 years into our 85 year project, so lots of future improvements and developments are possible and probable.

Edit: btw, Inventys is a Canadian company, from Burnaby BC.

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