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Originally Posted by Knight Hospitaller View Post
^ Ditto. Not to sound like the NIMBYs, but this is a nice scale and design for the neighborhood. My real objection to the prior design was its clumsiness, not its height. In addition to the original proposal, the Inky article had an image of the downsized intermediate tower design (16 stories) that I don't recall seeing before. It was less weird than the initial design but still looked like something alien glommed onto the old structure. Given that the developer/architects seemed aesthetically challenged when it came to adding the highrise component, I'm happy to take a pass on height in favor of what's now proposed. For the record, I like the Bridge (even if it wasn't executed as beautifully as the renderings), so I don't mind non-traditional architecture in the neighborhood.
I'm not against the building design specifically, just it's purpose. Rental units vs a hotel with activated ground floor is big bummer.

But honestly, anything on that corner will be a huge improvement.
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