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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Lakeview is much denser (really all the northern lakefront neighborhoods are denser than LP), everywhere in the core is more urban and heavily visited, and areas like West Randolph and Wicker Park are more culturally relevant (as least in the context of this thread).

Where else in Chicago would be a better analogue to the Yonge corridor, north of downtown (i.e. wealthy, established, WASPy core residential)? If you don't like LP as a comparison, offer a better example. Maybe Gold Coast, but to me that's more or less downtown.
Gotta agree with Crawford here.

Perhaps Lincoln Park was the "in" neighborhood decades ago, but it long ago lost that and has slowly settled into becoming a wealthy enclave full of mansions, high end shops, boutiques, restaurants, etc.

Whatever density there used to be has declined as 2/3/6 flats have been demo'd and replaced by SFHs. The NIMBYism is legendary, and it only grows worse.

Are there some bars? Sure, but I can't imagine that LP is anything but WAY past its heyday as a center of nightlife. And other than some restaurants and a few major theatres (Steppenwolf) I just don't think LP is much of a destination for out of towners.

The nightlife is further north in Lakeview, and much of it appears to have migrated back downtown to River North and the West Loop/Randolph St area.

The Weed St nightclub district that I used to hang out in also appears to be gone, or at least a shadow of its former self. Wasn't that also technically in LP?
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