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Originally Posted by Zapatan View Post
I agree to a certain extent, think of how ugly people thought Sears Tower or the original WTC twins were before they were built.

The facade has potential here, all it needs it some tweaks at the top, hopefully what we've seen isn't the final design. The scale of this thing is epic, it'll be about the height of CPT but not at all skinny.

People didn't love the original Twin Towers of the WTC because they were great designs. They were hardly that. There was a public relationship with the buildings, as there will be here. Furthermore, we have not seen design details of this tower, especially on the 52nd Street side where most of the tower will be based. It will be a modern Citicorp, without the slanted roof. The transition at the top needs more work, as I'm sure it will get. It's a flat topped tower, the kind I don't like to dominate the skyline, but so many people on this forum seem to prefer. But I don't look at it as the ultimate crowning skyscraper, much as I didn't see 432 Park as that either, so its acceptable.
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